Discovering the Fetish World with Perfect Accessories

We talk about sexual fetishism when the sexual arousal comes from the visual and / or physical contact with a specific part of the body but it can also concern a particular object or situation. Want to know more? We tell you everything.

Contrary to what one might think, fetishism does not just mean love leather, latex or handcuffs. This term encompasses in a general way all objects of desire, whether ordinary or original, without which fetishists manage to be excited. To think about it a little, we are all more or less fetishist.

Fetishism, what is it?

Originally, the term “fetishism” refers to a religious practice of worshiping a fetish, an object of worship. In sexology, the word “fetishist” applies to people who have a sexual desire for an object, a part of the body, or a particular situation. In some cases, these “passions” are necessary, even essential to excitement and sexual pleasure. Visit to for the best deals.

Formerly regarded as an unhealthy and condemnable drift, fetishism has today entered the mores and modes.

What are the objects of fetishism?

All! The principle is there, in the fact that everything can be object of fascination, adulation and excitement. Here are some common examples of fetishism:

  • Fabrics, materials , such as leather, latex, lace
  • Some clothes: skirts, stockings, jeans
  • Underwear : thongs, garters, lingerie
  • Different parts of the body : breasts, buttocks, feet, legs
  • Physical peculiarities : hair color, hair style, wearing glasses
  • Special people : pregnant women, disabled, obese, elderly

Fetishism in art

In general, fetishism is often found in art since many artists let their tastes, their obsessions through their works transpire.

And paraphilia?

Paraphilia is the generic term encompassing all fetishes. A fetishist who cannot have sex without a specific object or situation is said to be paraphilia.

  • Positions to make love tied

Foot fetishism: fetishism apart?

  • Foot fetishism or pedophilia characterized by sexual arousal for the feet.
  • The foot fetishist may be interested in both feet and shoes.
  • Different aspects can excite the fetishist: it can be the shape or the size of the foot and toes but also its ornaments (varnishes, tights, rings) like certain characteristics of the shoes (color, height of heel) or setting of tights, socks, stockings can cause desire in the podiatrist.

The sensual and sexual games surrounding this excitement can include caresses, massages, tickling but also crushing, sniffing or licking.

Let’s have a little fun with the words. Here are terms for different fetishes. Try to find the object of desire of the fetishist before reading the definition. These are the matters that you will have to keep in mind now and that is the reason that you will be having the perfect deals.

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