The worst meals to have on a date

Most dates will involve meeting somewhere for a drink, or even some food. Restaurants are a very popular choice, you can sit down face to face and enjoy each other’s company over a nice meal and a good bottle of wine. However not every meal will go well when you’re trying to seduce your partner. Here are examples of meals to avoid when going out on a date.

A strong spicy curry– Curries are awesome, but you know what happens when you push the spice content a little too far. You start getting really hot, and not in all the right ways. It’s not like you’re on a sex date making each other feel a bit naughty, no it’s not that kind of hot at all… So if you want to avoid sweating and chocking in front of that person you’ve just met, then put your courage in your pocket and opt for the less spicy version instead. Keep the hot stuff for when you’re sat down with your friends.

Spare ribs– This is another messy one that is easily overlooked. Not all foods that you eat with your hands are a no-go, but spare ribs have got a nasty habit of really sticking to your fingers no matter how much you lick them. Speaking of things you want to avoid, there’s on right there, finger-licking good is better by yourself when you don’t need to give a good impression.

Ridiculous burger– People love to prove their manliness by eating the biggest most ridiculous burger ever, and it’s a feat to be proud off for sure. But when you’re out trying to charm a lady, the chance is that she’s not going to be so impressed with your display of manhood. Don’t get us wrong she might be interested in your other manhood display later on, but that’s not going to happen if you turn her off by scoffing the biggest most bad-ass burger in the whole joint.

Spaghetti bolognaise– Now you might think that this one is romantic, after all who hasn’t seen ‘The Lady and the Tramp’ where the two dogs end up kissing from eating the same strain of spaghetti? Well, the reality is that spaghetti is sloppy and outright noisy. Spend some time in a crowded Italian restaurant and see (or hear) for yourself, it’s not exactly the sort of sounds that will fill a place with romance.

Garlic – So this is a more generic entry, and if you’ve not guessed why it’s very simple: despite its wonderful taste and smell, garlic doesn’t exactly do wonders when it comes down to coating our breaths. Anyone who has had garlic breathed into their nose knows to back of and stay away pronto. So if you want to impress your lady with the marvels of your dental hygiene, don’t let it get spoiled through this one simple mistake.

Cheese – Finally, and for a similar but more obvious reason than garlic is everyone’s favourite accoutrement: le fromage! (That’s cheese in French, it just sounds better…) Keep your breath safe from that one, because once you do indulge with the cheese then your kisses will take a different dimension… for the worse.

Just remember that what works at home isn’t the ideal during a date. Whether you are out on a romantic date or you’re just hooking up for sex with no strings, you should make sure to pick the right items on the menu.Trust us, you’ll thank us later, and so will your date!