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Japan and the Essence of Hantai Games

All Japanese eroticism revolves
around this moment of privileged intimacy where men and women finally allow
themselves a first bodily contact. Enveloping, almost electrically, women who
want to seduce caress the entire body of their lover. No part of the male
anatomy escapes this exploration cuddly: they touch and often lick, slowly,
long, with a studious application, the feet, between the toes, insisting on the
toes they suck and suck one by one emitting a suggestive saliva sound, then go
up along the thighs, kiss the buttocks, linger in the hollow they cover with
snouts or small sharp licks that end in deep and voluptuous incursions. For the
hentai games this is the best deal.

Always careful to make their body
a magnetized gulf of tenderness, the Japanese are wrapped around the loins of
the man and sweep his chest with their mouth … to the shoulders they flatter
caresses. Their kisses go from the chin to the top of the skull: even the head
of a man is erogenous for these lovers who will feel, rub, hug their lover in a
fusion embracing. Have you already licked the armpits or the heel, slipped a
tongue in the nose or inside the gums? In Japan, nothing is dirty when it comes
to loving, and it’s even “vertiginously good”.

The fascination of the bodies

The most beautiful proof of love
is for the wives to clean their companion’s ears using long Bamboo
Cotton-Stems, while he is lying, his head on their knees, like a child in the
maternal bosom … It is the image of the absolute conjugal agreement.
Perpetuating this tradition that dates back to the Edo era, modern lovers put
all their pride in scrutinizing the anatomy of their man.

  • They examine each square centimeter, count the
    moles (they know the exact number), scratch the scars, memorize the exact shape
    of the sex, and decrypt the language of the testicles, whose consistency takes
    for them the appearance of a poem : “They are impatient today,” anata
    “(my darling)”, “Oh, tonight, you want to be comforted, they are
    so sweet.” “Iyashi” (heal) is the most affectionate word between
    lovers, synonymous with attentive care. Thus one examines the body of the
    other, tracking the cysts which are pressed between two nails, depilating the
    rebellious hairs of the eyebrows, and covering the genital parts of looks and
    caresses assidues.

Japanese men experience the same
fascination with the body of a woman, whom they sometimes examine with a
magnifying glass and unfold all the details with a curious appetite, gently
feeling the nymphs that they open like a sacred book, and exhuming these
treasures wet with patience of entomologist: language or look, using small
diabolic vibrators deployed on the bed, they strive to know your body better
than yourself. Their caresses are as precise and attentive as those of women.
They search for the erogenous zone and do not stop until they have found a way
to make the woman more mad than a flock of goats. The cry of female orgasm in
Japan is also “Iku” (I go there). Not “I come” as in the
West, but “I go”, out of themselves, torn from themselves.